New Week #117Listen now (16 min) | A leading AI safety expert says the end of humans is nigh. A new study says the UN is wrong on global population growth. Plus more analysis from this week.
GPT-4 is founding an Empire of Imagination.
Talking to OurselvesListen now (17 min) | On ChatGPT and what it is to think.
Alphabet builds a next-level robot brain. Denmark has an epic plan to ease global heating.
New Week #114Listen now (16 min) | Microsoft, Meta, and Snap: virtual companions go mainstream. Elon Musk has a plan for worldwide decarbonisation. Plus more news…
New Week #113Listen now (17 min) | This new TikTok filter is making middle-aged people cry. The world's largest trial of the four day work week just reported its…
New Week #112Listen now (13 min) | One third of US citizens say they'd use gene editing to create a smarter baby. A London law firm wants to hire a ChatGPT prompt…
New Week #111Listen now (15 min) | A battle for the future of the human hivemind.
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