Is This the Climate Turning Point? – Audio Version

In the wake of an 'impossible' heat wave, climate scientists are scrambling to understand what lies ahead.


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A third heatwave is pummelling California and parts of the Pacific Northwest. Just two weeks ago, the same region saw temperatures that climate scientists say should have had a zero per cent chance of being realised.

We’re living through an era of impossible weather.

So this week, reflections on the idea that 2021 is a climate turning point.

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1. On Saturday, the temperature at Death Valley in California reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit, or 54 degrees Celsius. There’s controversy around the record, but it’s probably the highest temperature ever reliably recorded anywhere on Earth.

2. Finland registered its hottest June since records began in 1844, and Kevo, in Lapland, hit 33.6C last Sunday.

3. Scientists at World Weather Attribution are now investigating the idea that a slowing of the jet stream may be amplifying heatwaves in ways we hadn’t anticipated.

4. The most widely shared estimate says climate change will force 200 million people to migrate into the Global North by 2050. The International Organization for Migration says the figure may reach 1.5 billion.

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