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New World Same Humans #45 – Audio Version

New World Same Humans #45 – Audio Version

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The internet has rewired us.

By which I mean: a connected world relentlessly fuels new human behaviours, habits, and expectations. And once they’ve been created, they spread. We bring those new habits and expectations to other aspects of our lives. Often, we bring them out of the online space and into the physical world around us.

A particularly powerful version of that phenomenon is now emerging into view. And it will, I believe, reshape the socio-economic system that you and I live inside: the consumer society.

This is a story about personalisation, and where it’s heading next. Skip to the end and the answer is: to some pretty strange places.

But let’s start at the beginning. Go ahead: hit play!

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Links in this week’s instalment

1. Tonal is a connected workout station that collects physiological data and adjusts exercise difficultly accordingly.

2. SHOT is a smoothie mixer that uses a built-in camera and AI to analyse skin health and then create a personalised recipe for a skin-enhancing smoothie

3. Last year, Japanese beauty giant Shiseido launched a new skincare service called Optune.

4. This year Amazon announced the new Halo device, which will give personalised communication advice based on physiological and voice data that allows a real-time picture of your mood.

5. Nestlé is running a huge trial of DNA-personalised food supplements with over 100,000 consumers in Japan.

6. This year Snapchat launched Local Lenses, which allows a persistent, shareable digital layer to be built on top of the physical environment.

Reality check

Thanks for listening this week.

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If immersive AR worlds plunge us into new and personalised realities, the opportunities will be dizzying.

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I’ll be back on Wednesday with New Week Same Humans. Until then, be well,


David Mattin sits on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Consumption.

New World Same Humans
New World Same Humans
New World Same Humans is a weekly newsletter on trends, technology and society by David Mattin, and a community dedicated to understanding, and building, our shared future.
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